Book 9 on the way

Martin Bailey has now completed his 9th book, entitled 'How to implement a manufacturing system', it will be used by 123 Insight Ltd as part of a promotional programme.

mrp book 200pxThe book's subtitle explains the context more: 'The dos and don’ts of implementing an MRP/ERP system for manufacturing companies.' It's aimed at SME manufacturing businesses that are either considering adopting MRP software for the first time, or that are struggling with a system that no longer meets their needs (or never met them in the first place). It covers every step of the process, from examining why you need a system in the first place, MRP versus ERP, the selection and implementation process, measuring success and, more importantly, the mistakes that many companies make that cause many implementations to fail.

A release date for the book has yet to be set, but is aimed for Q4 2019/Q1 2020. It will be published through Ingram Spark and available on Amazon and all major retailers. Attendees of 123 Insight's Evaluation Workshops will be able to receive a copy of the book for free.

The book also includes a Foreword by industry expert and Editorial Director of Production Engineering Solutions magazine, Dave Tudor, who explains the importance of MRP and his experiences of 123insight.