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Computer Hardware Reviews

Over the last decade hardware prices have continued to fall while technology continues to drive forward. New devices are arriving regularly that save time and resources, or allow you to present yourself or your product better than the rest.

Review: PNY 4-IN-1 Lens Kit for Smartphone

tumbnail pny lens kitSmartphone cameras have moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, but you can still squeeze a little more out of them for around £25. I've taken a look at PNY's 4-in-1 lens kit, which works for iPhone and Android.

Review: Sony WS623 Bluetooth 4GB Waterproof Headphones

ws623 headphones review thumbAt over £100 these headphones are pricier than many Bluetooth headsets, but they have an ace up their sleeve - they are extremely lightweight, IP68 waterproofed to 2m and include 4GB of in-built memory. Does this warrant the extra cash and why would you need it?

Review: iPhone X

Arguably one of the biggest phone launches this year has two debates raging – paying £1000 for a phone and ‘the notch’. So, the question is, should you spend a lot of hard-earned cash on the iPhone X?

Weber Q2200 gas barbecue

weber q2200As a self-confessed terrible cook that can burn water and famously broke a blender trying to blend mashed potatones (true story!), can Weber's Q2200 barbecue help me to produce food that neither cremated or lethal?

Review: Geizeer air cooler

Here in the UK air conditioning is not common-place in the home, as the climate doesn't warrant it and they are often noisy and almost always expensive. A fan only offers momentary relief when the mercury starts to rise, so once again crowd-funding comes to the rescue to offer an elegant solution in the form of the beautifully crafted Geizeer ice cooler.