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Technical Articles

Martin Bailey regularly writes this website and supplies articles for various magazines. Here are a collection of articles, some of which have been published in trade press around the world.

Factsheet: SEO Basics

There are many companies that charge a small fortune to get your company listed higher in the search engine rankings, but this is something that anyone with basic HTML knowledge can do themselves. Furthermore, if you have a website built with a content management system then you can do most of it without additional assistance. So what are the key issues to consider?

White Paper: 7 reasons why ERP systems fail

ERP is generally the single most expensive software acquisition a company will ever make, sometimes costing more than all of the standalone packages a company may have combined. Not only is it traditionally expensive, but companies rely completely upon it. So why is it that many struggle to implement such a system, or limp along for several years using partial functionality before abandoning it?

The Apple iPad in Manufacturing

ipad for businessOn Wednesday 27th January 2010 Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, unveiled their latest creation - the iPad Tablet. Billed primarily as a consumer device, Jobs positioned the tablet somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop and priced it from an attractive US$499. But is there room for it in business, and specifically within manufacturing?

Content is still king when submitting sites to search engines

It may sound like an obvious statement, but you need to ensure that you have enough relevant text on your web site if you want search engines to take you seriously. The old adage of ‘content is king’ is still very true today. Even if you spend a small fortune promoting a site, you will not get good rankings if the content that the search engines eventually harvest does not merit their attention.

Supercharge your website with a CMS

If you need to build a website that is more than just a collection of static pages, but don’t have a budget that will run to a bespoke site, you may want to consider a CMS – Content Management Systems. These ‘web sites in a box’, which are a collection of script files that interact with an online database, allow complex site structures to be up and running in a matter of hours using nothing more than a web browser. A CMS can be used from sites ranging from a basic personal site through to a large-scale e-commerce or content-driven site receiving millions of visitors. The most common and, many would say, best feature of open source CMS is that they are free!